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Mika Xiao Zhao/ Stylist

True elegance is not about being noticed, but about being memorable.
Elegance doesn't mean being noticed, it means being remembered.

for  Giorgio Armani

Zhuo Yuzhao, who graduated from the Fashion Design Department of Shih Chien Fashion Design Practice University, has worked in the fashion backstage to create new modeling works. He is good at the graphic and dynamic modeling of TV commercials, artists, and has worked as a Skechers spokesperson. Dental-Facial Clinic image combing stylist, TV program variety show Three Kingdoms wisdom combing artist, behind-the-scenes combing of McDonald's and Quanlian and other advertisements. With abundant creativity, she is also active in different fields as a new-age wedding secretary and fashion event advertising stylist.

Graphic Spiral

Business Sofa

Graphic Spiral

wedding secretary

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