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Mandy  / Moderator

The so-called maturity is when you are willing to do things you never thought you would do. .

Being mature is when you start choosing to do what you never thought of doing.

for  The Devil Wears Prada

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Hello, I am Mandy Huang Yuxuan! I studied drama performance in high school, and majored in planning public relations and event hosting in university. I have been hosting for 11 years since I started university, including TV programs, New Year's Eve parties, press conferences, family days, presentations, exhibitions , Wei Ya spring wine, weddings, seminars and more!
I have a good voice full of penetrating power, and I have a quick on-the-spot response. The typhoon is stable and clear. Can.
I am good at event and wedding planning. I can master the planning and process of the event from the front to the back of the scene! Customers are most satisfied with my friendly attitude, highly cooperative service and exclusive customized design, which have allowed me to obtain many long-term cooperation and appointments!  

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