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Jianxin Digital is a company that provides all-round solutions for enterprise digitalization. We focus on website construction, APP development, system planning and integrated marketing to provide customers with professional, efficient and competitive services.
We understand that digital services are not just a one-time requirement, but also require long-term ongoing support. Therefore, we form partnerships with our customers, working together to achieve mutual growth and success. Our services comply with the specifications of Google SEO to assist customers to build websites that comply with SEO best practices, so that customers' websites can get higher rankings in search engine results, attract more potential customers, and enhance customers' brand awareness and business sales.
In addition, we provide customized APP development services to assist customers in designing and developing innovative and flexible APPs to meet customers' specific needs and improve their market competitiveness.
In terms of system planning, we provide complete IT architecture design and implementation, including network security, data backup and recovery, etc., to ensure that the customer's system remains efficient and stable during operation. In addition, our integrated marketing services cover SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing and other fields, assisting clients to formulate comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance their brand awareness and business sales.
As a digital partner, we adhere to the principle of working hand in hand with customers, and strive to become the partner who best understands customer needs in the hearts of customers. If you are looking for a digital partner, please contact us, we will provide you with the best service.

Our services are proven, long-serving clients:

  • ✦Triumph International Co., Ltd. "Taiwan District online appointment store try-on system

  • ✦Chunghwa Telecom》HiNet land administration service system

  • ✦FX International Hotel Group》Taiwan District Official Website + Reservation System

  • ✦CDRI Business Development Research Institute "WOW! TAIWAN Taiwan Top 100 Brand Website System

  • ✦First Lighting Co., Ltd. "Global Website + China Official Website System

  • ✦Spinfit Huamao International Co., Ltd. International Official Website System

  • ✦Japanstar Star Information News Network》Japanese Star Community Information Platform System

  • ✦Anchor up and drink franchise tea"Taiwan District official website system

  • ✦Kaikutek Kaiku Technology Co., Ltd. International official website system

  • ✦Fuxin Venture Capital Group"Taiwan's top three venture capital official website systems

  • ✦GSport TWD 4×4 Pty 》The official website system of Australia's No. 1 4WD brand

主要服務項目   ☑ 網站架設   ☑ APP開發_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  ☑ Marketing Application  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-f58d_ System Development


what we do

​ image build

​ brand communication

​ product sales

design thinking

  • In addition to the content produced by the website, will there be other extension costs?
    Answer: We have listed all items and costs in this quotation. Answer: There is a fixed annual rent for the URL and web space. Answer: If there is a new demand outside the agreed range in the future, another quotation will be made.
  • Is the background of the website easy to use? What should I do if I encounter difficulties in using it?
    Answer: To meet customer needs, we will make interface adjustments in the background Answer: After the website is completed, there will be teaching videos for background operation. Answer: If you have any questions during the warranty period, you can contact us directly and there will be a dedicated online service.
  • What is included in the warranty maintenance? Which ones may require quotation?
    Answer: Content update + graphic adjustment and modification + BUG maintenance + troubleshooting. Answer: Adding new features, changing the structure of the website, moving the host, and domain-related issues may require additional quotations, and the quotation standards will be evaluated according to the difficulty and schedule.
  • Will the owner have autonomous authority over the site?
    Answer: After the case is closed, we will take the initiative to provide the management authority of your website to facilitate the management of the owner. Answer: Even if we end the partnership one day, the ownership of the website will still belong to you.
  • In addition to the price, what other issues should we pay attention to?
    Answer: Beyond the numbers at face value, there is a need to understand in detail whether there are ongoing fees. Answer: In addition to the functional specifications of the website, the experience of your service users is actually the most important, because it is related to whether you can achieve your goals and objectives through the website, so the ability to understand the communication window should also be evaluated one of the key points.
  • Why is there such a big difference in the quotations of each company?
    Answer: The results of different companies and different people will be different, and these differences may actually increase or reduce the cost and risk of your future website operation, so you can't just consider the issue of price. Answer: Please carefully confirm whether the content of the quotation is listed in sufficient detail. Many times the devil hides in the details.
  • How will you communicate during the production process, confirm the progress and execution direction?
    Answer: We will arrange regular discussions with the time of the online meeting, please refer to the following link for the method. Online meeting recording video: v=gNYo7OEScdo
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